Chaotic Notions

by Delusive Relics

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This album is the Delusive Relics debut album , it is combination of electro pop , Dark ambient and synth pop.


released February 18, 2019

Frank Nik: producer, keyboard player , vocal and mix
Anis Oveisi: keyboards


all rights reserved



Delusive Relics New Hampshire

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Track Name: Command Machine
Command Machine

Look at the colors
Look at the sky
Look at yourself
Could you see deep, deep inside
Show, show your tension
Tremble voices in your mind
Searching High and low
No choice of mine
It comes as no surprise
You will never be found
I said why, I said why
Just do it now
There are so many words to say
Could to start of our decay
Stay in your place
Just do it what we say
Far in the distance
You can see an empty space
Strange in this town
Don’t talk to strangers
In each day and night
You should carry those guns
Open your eyes
See the world behind
Perception fade away
And who can deny
Track Name: Inner Man
Long long ways start with one step
See final purpose nature
Man isn’t trustable creature
To make better himself
Needs to find a way inside
So, look inside your heart
Find the hidden treasure
Human is not a stone
But an eternal soul
To complete himself along life
He is to move and run among tides
Start to know yourself
It’s the key to selflessness and happiness
Current law is written by unknown forces
For you to follow inside voices
You will gain higher range of purity
When understand and use wisdom entirely
Open your eyes to the unknown
Remember the signs and then go on
Hard rocks and the pain
Mean never lose the aim
Life is easy when you go on by high steps
Not to live in doubt; fear and hopeless
Be proud of yourself
To save the universe
Track Name: Fake World
The fake world

Last night I had a dark dream
No sign of the sun beam
There are many things to tell about
Entering in hell darkness in there
Strange people screaming I heard
silent walking in herd
Creeping like snake
On their chain sweeping the earth
On his cloth was his skin
Never seen such tailspin
There was another flat
Deeply dark and quite sad
We are on the edge/edge of darkness
Making our houses baseless. Boundless. Hopeless. useless in to darkness
This is what we want
That is what we choose
This is what we make
To be the infernal
This is what we want
That is what we choose
To be the infernal
We have to pay its dues
Track Name: Paint your feelings
Paint your feelings

You can see the light
You can follow your heart
You can save a life
You can share your dreams
You can live in emptiness and know your inner peace
You can watch the world
You can follow your soul
You can hold her hand
You can far behind
You can keep your faith
Paint what your feeling
Track Name: A Woman's Diary
A woman’s diary

Don’t tell me what I have to say
Don’t tell me where I should go
I’m a little girl, smile like a bloom
Don’t tell me who I should see
Don’t tell me what I should to wear
I’m not your puppet, my little man
Don’t tell me who I can trust
Don’t tell me when I can cry
I was born free like an eagle in the sky
Don’t tell me when I can run
Don’t tell me when I should jump
I have my own wishes, visions and dreams
Can you hear me? can you feel me?
Can you save me? I’m fading
Can you see me? can you save me?
Can you touch me? I’m fading
Track Name: Lost

Every minute you think your life is wrong wrong wrong
Every day you want anything just shut down down down
Every time you need somebody to talk talk talk
Every morning you need something to follow just follow
Every night you need a person just for making love Love Love
You need a place to hide, you need to find your soul
You need to search the light, you need to fall in love
You need to find your faith, you need to find a way
You need a cure to fix your pain
Every time you need those wishes come true true true
Every day you need to know how can you go go go
Every moment you need to have a conversation, interlocution
Track Name: Push Them Away
Push them Away

Please take my eyes
I can’t watch this world
Please take my ears
I can’t hear these words
A thousand voices are screaming in my head
No heart is pounding
No feeling is remaining
I don’t want to feel anymore
Push them away / push them away
Please take my soul
I don’t want to feel any more
Please take my mind
I don’t want to think anymore
Track Name: Delusion (Part 2)

You and I can talk to the god and angels
You and I can touch the sky with our hands and wings
This is real you can see it
This is real you can feel it
This is real you can touch it
Trust me
You and I are in the prophesies we are chosen
You and I can dance with the queens and kings
Rain is coming because of you
The earth rotates because of you
Sunrise and sunset shall always follow you
Seasons change because of you
Mother loves child because of you
God loves them because of you
Running away from your fears
Stay looking through miracles
Always looking through my eyes
Searching for your emptiness
Be yourself don’t be afraid I’m here
Be yourself holding my hand we should go
Track Name: Hallucination (Part 3)
Show me , show me yourself in this nasty dream
Show me, show me your face behind those masks

Hi, my dear I’m here in your dreams, In your life, in your mind,
I was witness what you did, what you think, what you said, what you heard
I’m your illusion for hiding fucking life you have, what you think?
I’m here just right behind you
I’m here my son don’t worry go ahead
I’m here to make your life easier
I’m here to control your mind
Come on pal sit down here
We should solve these puzzles you brought here
You need to know how should I let you go
Don’t be afraid the keys here

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